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I used to have a site called Queer Pop Culture.

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I have a site called Queer Pop Culture. As of today.

Quite some time back I moved the entries to a different site. Why I thought having a site using arcane PoMo jargon like proairetic escapes me.

I put QPC on a website parking service and forgot about it for a time.

The original QPC was a mix of notes about what I was reading, watching and listening to and amusing queer stuff found on the web. It grew out of an old blog called Diversions that was part of my original site, Edifying Spectacle (maybe I’ll eventually revive that one).

This morning I told Movable Type to give me a new blog and …

The new QPC will be mostly found stuff I think. It is a pity I’ve never really been the archiving type. I’ve discovered and discarded a huge amount of material over the years. I’d have plenty to populate a few sites had I saved all of that miscellaneous matter.

People ask how I find the time to maintain all my sites. Well, sisters and brothers, I don’t. Take my pop culture sites (please – literally – if you have lots of money to waste and are foolish: buy them).

Queer Pop Culture led to Gay Pop Culture. A few months ago I was startled to discover that I’d added nothing to the latter in a couple of years. So I’m making a point of doing so. GPC is a strong domain name. Someone better than I could make something of it.

Blond twink

An then there is – blush – Sexy Pop Culture. Last year I decided to let it die. But the traffic kept up. Nothing nearly like it was when I inadvertently became one of the top results for Kevin Federline (!). Still, I’m updating it again.

Ah, it was last year that I discovered that Fetish Pop Culture was available. (I only register domains that I think make good site names.) The demon voice whispered in my ear, “Go to Godaddy!” And I did.

By merely keeping the sites alive and periodically adding fresh material there is a chance I could sell the pop culture sites one day. Merely letting a site age invests it with a little value. Or I may have a flash of inspiration and do something cunning and worthwhile with the damned things.

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