It’s Hell in a Texas Pen

I have a small collection of images of men being beaten and punished that don’t fit into a typical BDSM context. I.e., they aren’t Master / slave situations featuring guys who hang out on Folsom Street and have an extension wardrobe of leather garb.

I’ve decided to post those images here. It is not like my Implied Female Domination entries elsewhere.

Prisoner Beating Punishment in Texas Jail Prison

While this wasn’t published for sadists and masochists as we think of them nowadays it was classic exploitation literature: a gallimaufry of materials assembled with little thought or effort in an attempt to grab a little cash from the average citizen seeking a thrill.

Prison fantasies are common. There are probably masochists who dream of being forced to wear pink by Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

When I was actually locked up with some tough guys who made it clear they’d be happy to use and abuse me I didn’t opt to live out my kinky dreams. I let them know I was nobody to fuck with and to leave me alone.

Sometimes I fantasize that I did otherwise.

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